A night with Satsang at Felton Music Hall

On Wednesday, November 17th, Montana-based quartet Satsang brought their All. Right. Now tour to Felton Music Hall, located up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Self-produced by frontman, Drew Mcmanus, the new album was entirely written and recorded during the bands hiatus from the road. Drew flew the band up to Montana, where they rented a cabin and recorded what is now, All. Right. Now. You can watch a short film on the making of the album on the band’s YouTube, which gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the recording process, as well as Drew’s life at home in Montana, showing his rigorous routine balancing family, art, health and work.

The new album is a love letter to life in Montana, greatly emphasizing McManus’ love and appreciation for his family and loved ones.

Opening the show was a familiar face, Tim Snider, with his new band, Tim Snider & Wolfgang Timber. Satsang fans will recognize Tim Snider and his amazing violin playing on the song “Go Fly”, which appears on Satsang’s last album, Pyramid(s). Satsang and Snider have also toured together in the past, so if you’ve seen a Satsang show, you may have seen him open!

Tim Snider & Wolfgang Timber are currently working on an upcoming album and played mostly those unreleased songs. One song titled “Sometimes This” is available and gives you a taste of what’s to come. They also played Snider’s song “Humanity”, which features Justin Chittams. The set was very upbeat, with the crowd dancing and feeling the heartfelt musical messages. Tim Snider’s songs are very uplifting and motivating. At the end of the set, in typical Tim Snider fashion, he ends with an EPIC solo on his electric violin, shredding the bow to bits.

Next, for the grand event, was Satsang, bringing the sounds of Montana to the Santa Cruz mountains. The crowd was pumped after Tim Snider and the good vibes kept rolling. The band played most of the songs off the new album, as well as some country covers and even some songs off The Story of You. The band all had great chemistry and you could tell they were having a great time. New lead guitarist Stefan was a great addition, playing not only lead guitar on parts, but also killer solos on the lap steel guitar and harmonica. A highlight of every Satsang show has to be on their song I Am” — it never fails. On the last verse, the crowd will always join in and sing every word back with the band. It’s truly a beautiful moment to behold. Make sure you check out a Satsang show if they come to a town near you!

Photography by Katey Schoenberger

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