A wild night with Waterparks at SOMA San Diego

Pop rock fans rejoiced on Saturday, December 4th at SOMA San Diego, as Waterparks brought their Night Out on Earth Tour to southern California for their second-to-last stop (last being up in Los Angeles). Not only did Waterparks bring incredible vibes and our favorite songs off their newest album, Greatest Hits, they also brought LA-based Phem with them, who opened the show the best way possible. 

Phem’s set was completely real, raw and if you weren’t a fan before this set, you were now.

I was completely hooked and ready to start adding to my Spotify playlists by the end of the first song! Front to back, side to side, Phem’s gracious (blue) hair flips, alongside stunning vocals… not to mention the rockin’ band giving the music an alt pop vibe! Hands up, bodies moving, roaring applause from the crowd… okay, Phem, you have our attention! Soon, the band took it up a notch when they played a song undoubtably known — at least to some degree — by everyone. A singalong? Yes! The entire room was singing along to a phenomenal cover of “Teenage Dirtbag”. This moment was celebrated and brought energy to an even happier place. Not long after, Phem brought partner Tyler Posey out, who she has also recently collaborated on the track “Silly Putty” with. The energy the two had together onstage was captivating, with Posey singing alongside and nailing his guitar riffs in between running from side to side to catch every inch of the audience he could take in. OH, we also can’t forget those amazing guitar swings. Just awesome. The audience absorbed the energy and returned the vibe, making for a fantastic set.

After Phem, Waterparks took the stage! Drummer and backing vocalist Otto Wood went on first, alongside lead guitarist/backing vocalist Geoff Wigington, starting the opening riffs to recent hit song, “Greatest Hits”. Soon, lead vocalist and guitarist Awesten Knight, prominently known for his multicolored hair, ran to centerstage for an audience that just could not wait any longer. After going straight into “Numb”, Knight took time to talk to his fans that he hadn’t seen in years and hilariously so, with the most fluent banter that truly felt like a show. Each song had the whole room jumping alongside Wigington and Knight (I am actually not sure if Knight was jumping that much or levitating), to the point the front gate was rocking and the stage was shaking.

After performing “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You”, the band members exited the stage, but the audience didn’t accept.

They roared, cheered and eventually began the chant “WA-TER-PARKS!”; it was then that the guys came back for more. Not only just one, but three incredible high-energy songs: “Turbulent”, “Snow Globe” and, finally, fan-favorite “See You in The Future”! (I also think everyone in this room knew this song in one way shape or form, as all of SOMA was singing!) The tour has concluded for now, but be sure to be following Waterparks on social media for new music announcements and, perhaps, another tour in 2022?! Don’t forget to check out their newest album, Greatest Hits!

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Photography by Franny Kovacs

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