Aaron Lewis plays acoustic country rock show in Porterville, CA

The American Patriot Tour made its stop in Porterville, CA at Eagle Mountain Casino for a memorial acoustic storytelling show by Aaron Lewis. AFL fans (aka, “Aaron Fuckin Lewis”) packed into the venue for an intimate set list with Aaron’s solo country songs and songs from his rock band Staind.

Lewis and his two band members played a mix of country and rock titles — even a couple covers!

Starting the night of with “Sinner”, Lewis went straight into two more songs before stopping to light up a smoke. He went on to tell the crowd there has been a new Staind album released as he helps himself to a drink, cutting then into “Here and Now” followed by another older Staind track. Was he teasing the crowd for the old rock hit they were waiting for…?

Nope, but nostalgia came anyway with a cover mashup of Prince’s “When Doves Cry” with Chris Isaak‘s “Wicked Game”. Another smoke was lit and then it happened: “Fuck Joe Biden!” The crowd who’s been seated all evening jumped to their feet, losing their shit and chanting with Aaron. For those who don’t know, Aaron is not one to stray away from his beliefs or keep quiet when it comes to the politic Right. He went on to express his views on how things are not being ‘done right in the US’. AFL rallied the crowd together at that point, by playing his newest single off his solo country album “Let’s Go Fishing!”… although the song ain’t about fishing.

The strings of his guitar buzzed as he played his Staind hit “Outside”.

As AFL fans sang along, Aaron called it a beautiful sight. For how big his solo work has been, fans seemed to really love his acoustic rock songs, too. On that note, Lewis spoke how his country music career seemingly transformed as a result of one song — his breakthrough gem titled “Country Boy”. The track was written because his plumber told him he couldn’t make it in the genre (guess that plumber don’t know anything); as a result, AFL grew a new fanbase and country music is loving it.

At this point in the show, Lewis played the big hit everyone was waiting for — “It’s Been Awhile”. You could feel the emotions in the room as all sang along. The show was then closed out with the very deep, meaningful hit “Am I The Only One”. AFL fans were on that with pride! The American Patriot Tour continues through the states throughout 2024. Whether you are a country music fan or a rock music fan, this acoustic show is not one to miss. No matter what, you’ll leave an Aaron Fuckin Lewis fan! 

Photography by Tre Torres

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