Asking Alexandria & friends shake up Seattle’s Showbox SoDo

Seattle’s music scene was ablaze on Sunday, May 12th, as the iconic rock band Asking Alexandria took centerstage at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle as part of their All My Friends North American Tour. It was a showcase of talent from start to finish, featuring opening acts NERV, The Word Alive, and Memphis May Fire, each bringing their own unique energy and vibe to the stage.

The evening kicked off with NERV, a rising force in the metalcore scene.

They wasted no time in commanding the audience’s attention: their performance set the tone for the night, proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the heavy music world. Starting off strong with “Bad Nature”, NERV’s infectious enthusiasm and raw talent instantly captivated everyone in the building. By the time they surprised the audience with a new and unreleased song titled “Fake”, the whole venue was ignited and hungry for more. And NERV delivered, relishing in all the fervor of the crowd as they said farewell with “Bad Habits”.

Following NERV’s explosive set, The Word Alive took the stage, infusing the venue with their signature blend of metalcore and post-hardcore. They delivered a high-octane performance with stage presence at soaring levels, giving it their absolute all during “Life Cycles” and “One of Us”. 

With such a commanding pair of openers, Memphis May Fire wasted no time once it was their turn to take the spotlight,

The band unleashed riveting choruses and crushing breakdowns that new and seasoned fans alike welcomed openly. Memphis May Fire performed more recent tracks, like “Left for Dead” and “Bleed Me Dry”, while also giving longtime fans some serious throwbacks with “The Sinner” and “Miles Away”. Their set was a perfect blend of aggression and melody, new and nostalgic, leaving the audience fueled up and ready to rock for the final stretch of the night.

Finally, Asking Alexandria took the stage amidst thunderous applause and delighted shouts. They launched right into a relentless barrage of hits, practically sending the crowd into a frenzy — it was nothing short of electrifying. Throughout their set, Asking Alexandria treated their fans to a mix of older favorites, as well as tracks from their latest album. It was impossible to avoid singing along to classics like “Someone, Somewhere” and “The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)”. Each song was met with a roar from the crowd, including this photographer’s personal favorite, “A Prophecy”.

As the night drew to a close, the band finished off strong with an “Alone in a Room” encore. It was an undeniably unforgettable experience.

Photography by Kaitlyn Golphenee

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