Australian surf-garage-rock-trio Skegss packed the house in Santa Cruz

Tuesday, February 28th the Australian surf-garage-rock-trio, Skegss, played at The Catalyst Club’s main stage in Santa Cruz to a totally packed house.

Along for the ride was fellow Australian garage rock act Flying Machine which had the crowd flying high and ready for Skegss. During one of their songs, they brought out Skegss frontman Benny Reed to rock out with them on bass and the audience went wild. Check out Flying Machine’s song “Lucy” or their newest single release, “Rainbow”.

After Flying Machine it was time for Yot Club. Yot Club is the lo-fi indie project of Nashville-based, Mississippi-raised, Ryan Kaiser who writes, records and produces all of his music independently from his bedroom. Yot Club went viral on TikTok with the track “YKWIM” and the song currently has over 400 million streams on Spotify. Another standout song from Yot Club that got an amazing crowd reaction and a song I currently have on repeat was the song “Japan”. I had never heard of Yot Club before and was genuinely impressed with Kaiser’s stage presence and the way the audience responded to him.

After Yot Club it was finally time for Skegss. Making their grand entrance to Rupert Holmes’ “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”, the crowd went absolutely insane welcoming Skegss to the stage.

Then, with no warning, the band erupts into their thunderous song “Valhalla” and the rest is history.

Next, was one of my personal favorite Skegss tracks, “Save It For The Weekend”. It was astonishing hearing the fans scream and jump along to every song rocking the night away, a few even tried crowd surfing. The rest of the setlist included the songs – “Paradise”, “Fantasising”, “Mustang”, “Margarita”, “Road Trip”, “Bush TV”, “New York California”, “L.S.D”, “Stranger Days”, “My Own Mess”, “Got On My Skateboard”, “Under The Thunder”, “Up In The Clouds”, “Spring Has Sprung” and “My Mind”. I know I’ve said it before but I will say it again, Australians put on the best shows in my opinion, and their shows never disappoint. Every time they absolutely kill it with amazing energy and a humble stage presence and Skegss was no different. 10/10 would see again. There are still a few USA tour dates left before they head to the UK.

Don’t miss out if Skegss is coming to a city near you. 

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