BeachLife Fest 2019: Day Two

Day Two BeachLife Festival was upon Redondo Beach: one exciting day in the books, capped by Grateful Dead icon Bob Weir, and another yet to come for this first year fest. Saturday on the ocean brought with it perfect weather on May 4th, 2019. Attendees lined the entrance fence as opening band Latchkey Kid serenaded the early birds already inside. Speaking of early birds, 80s alt band Berlin took to the stage at a surprising 11am slot. Frontwoman Terri Nunn stated into the mic that the band was celebrating their 40th anniversary on the road, hence the early call time with another show looming that night. 40 years and that woman hasn’t aged a day. Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath definitely had something to say about it, shouting at Nunn to “AGE ALREADY. You’re making us all look bad”. The 90s heartthrob, highlights and all, still got the ladies going regardless of his self-deprecating remarks.

Let it be known that Tomorrows Bad Seeds remains the only band that achieved an encore all weekend…

As Sugar Ray reminded us they just want to fly, Barley on the side stage kept the festival gates hopping. Next up on the main Hightide Stage was pop-punkers Everclear, prompting most of the audience to recount every word to their late 90s anthems. Best Coast took over from there, as femme fatale band V Torres slayed the smaller stage, illuminating just how badass girls can be on guitar. And, right when the crowd thought they had a mellow moment, Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters galloped onto the main stage — tight leopard pants and all — to perform Van Halen hits — in both front and back of house, singing and drumming — via a cover band he likes to call Chevy Metal. Cue all men head-banging in unison; cue all women getting hot and heavy over Hawkins. Cue also a guest appearance by Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson. Oh the joy had by all.

Dawes kept the good times rolling (switching to business casual attire from Hawkins’ paint-on pants), as His Eyes Have Fangs brought some trancy vibes to the Riptide side stage. Violent Femmes were next up, inviting a slew of percussion patrons to accompany them (some as young as grade school!!). Talk about a good ol’ fashioned Femme-ily band. Before Jason Mraz’s colorful crew closed down the sandy Lowtide Stage, one band up and stole the entire weekend. That’s right, LA’s Tomorrows Bad Seeds was welcomed by an oversized crowd, much too big for the stage they were assigned to. Fans of the band moshed, sang, shouted and moshed again as the TBS boys threw every ounce of energy into their evening performance. Reggae-rock bredren Jason J even made an appearance amongst the madness. Let it be known that Tomorrows Bad Seeds remains the only band that achieved an encore all weekend… attendees wouldn’t have it any other way, to be honest. The shouts for “FIVE MORE SONGS” wouldn’t have stopped until the demand was acquiesced.

Finally, Beach Boy legend Brian Wilson wheeled onstage, in good health enough to bust out old favorites despite his stationary status. Songs like “Don’t Worry Baby” made festivalgoers cry and sway before songs like “I Get Around” created a groovy, twisting frenzy throughout Saturday’s twilight hours. Fans dispersed into the night knowing that BeachLife Year One was already a success… and there was still one more day to go! Stay tuned for Day Three photos, coming soon.

Photography by Kristy Rose

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