Bob Weir & Wolf Bros astound in Los Angeles

My eyes were barely open as I stretched to reach my phone. Bad habits develop when your phone and your alarm are one in the same — bad habits like spending 30 minutes scrolling through Instagram before even getting out of bed in the morning.

I didn’t make it to Instagram that morning, though. Instead, I opened a text message from Top Shelf.

“Do you like Bob Weir?” Derek Jones, our Assignment Editor, asked.

“Of course!” I eagerly replied and then I watched that ellipsis bubble for what felt like hours. My little hippie heart was racing with excitement, wondering what sort of opportunity I may be lucky enough to embrace.

Finally, the text message came in:

“Do you want to shoot his show at The Greek Theater in LA on October 25th?”

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I played it cool and told him, “I may be available that day, sure.”

Doors were at 5:30pm, with the show starting at 7pm. I got there as early as I possibly could — just in case. What I forgot, however, is how cold it gets at Griffith Park. In the summer, it isn’t too bad… but, summer is over and that shady park gets really chilly in the fall.

Photo pass in hand, heart racing and teeth chattering, I took some laps around the venue. I always spend some time scoping out the venue, even if I’ve already shot there before. I look for angles, try to anticipate the lighting, make note of the stage plot and introduce myself to other photographers or members of the media team and the security. In my opinion, it’s just good practice to do so and, that way, the rules can be ironed out prior to the house lights dimming.

And, when they dimmed just after 7pm, I was ready! I could feel my own giddiness coursing through my body as Bob Weir took the stage and the first notes of “Ramble on Rose” hit my ear. Each note crescendoed in unison with the cheers of the crowd.

I later learned that this was the first show where they opened with “Ramble on Rose”.

As Weir and his Wolfpack made their way through the setlist, I took a moment to recognize what was happening around me. People of all ages, genders, colors and sizes were there. Some swayed peacefully, while others sang at the top of their lungs into the night. It was a beautiful reminder that Bob Weir and his contributions to music are timeless. It is music for everyone. It is beautiful.

I took some more photos, but once my time was up, I made my way over to my seat. The first set ended around 8:30pm, with the second set kicking off a little more than 30 minutes later -– just enough time for drink refills, bathroom stops and merchandise purchases.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crossing my fingers in hopes of John Mayer popping out for a song or two. It is LA, after all! However, I was definitely not anticipating him coming out and playing the entire second set… including the encore! I was lucky enough to catch Mayer play with Weir at Fenway Park in Boston back in 2017, performing as Dead & Co. and, man, I had been craving to relive that experience ever since! The musicianship between the two is the epitome of magic.

If you weren’t able to catch Weir on this tour, keep your eyes peeled for the final Dead & Co. tour coming around next year. You’ll be sure to see me there!


  1. Ramble on Rose
  2. She Belongs to Me
  3. Good Mornin’ Lil Schoolgirl
  4. Brown Eyed Women
  5. West LA Fadeaway (w/ Wolfpack)
  6. Eyes of the World (w/ Wolfpack + Matty Michna on harmonica)
  7. Big Sandy Creek (w/ Wolfpack + Matty Michna on harmonica)
  8. What’s Goin’ On? (w/ Wolfpack + Matty Michna on harmonica)
  9. Eyes of the World (w/ Wolfpack + Matty Michna on harmonica)


  1. Shakedown Street (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)
  2. Dark Star V. 1 (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)
  3. China Cat Sunflower (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)
  4. I Know You Rider (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)
  5. Dark Star V. 2 (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)
  6. The Other One (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)
  7. Standing on the Moon (w/ John Mayer)
  8. Sugar Magnolia (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)


  1. Ripple (w/ Wolfpack + John Mayer)

Photography by Jenna Shaw

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