Bret Bollinger at Jannus Live

On Friday November 1st, Jannus Live welcomed Bret Bollinger & the Bad Habits. Bret Bollinger is well-known from Pepper as the bassist and singer. Along with Bret was special guest Tunnel Vision and Roots of a Rebellion, who all put on one hell of a show. At the end, they even covered the stage together for a song and the fans loved it. 

Roots of a Rebellion was first up for the night, who fired everyone up with some songs from their new album Shapes of a Soul, released earlier this year and debuting #1 on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart. It was a great way to start the night. 

Tunnel Vision took the stage with their ska, punk reggae. Kicking it off with some of our favorites from the album “Days Away” and then onto playing some of their new releases from “Shipwrecked”. They really know how to pump up a crowd and get everyone into it everyone was dancing, singing along and having a fun night. 

Finally, Bad Habits hit the stage, they kicked off a beat to welcome Bret Bollinger and the crowd screamed with excitement. Bret Bollinger who always puts on an amazing show was all over the stage. This high energy band had everyone’s attention from start to finish. The Bad Habits are beasts with their instruments with Jeff Nisen on the guitar, Andre Davis on the Bass, Patrick Salmon on drums and Bret they are high energy monsters on the stage. Although they were on tour for their new album from Bret “Lo-Fi” and his fans were pumped to hear his new songs they were all equally excited to hear some off his hits from Pepper. They played “Let You Go” and Jeff sang HIRIE’s part while ripping the guitar. Patrick finishing the last song standing while stomping and smashing the drums with an amazing finale as the fans screamed for more. At the end of the show all the bands came out to meet the fans, they were all so humble and down to earth. Bret hung out with fans taking pictures and signing merch until Jannus Live shut down, making it one awesome night that everyone that attended will never forget. It was a show of a lifetime for sure. So glad I didn’t miss this one. We will be sure to see them next time.

Photography by Brian Nicholson

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