Bring Me The Horizon rocks the Kia Forum in LA

UK hardcore legends Bring Me the Horizon brought their Post Human World Tour to the Kia Forum in LA, alongside Knocked Loose, grandson and siiickbrain. With a lineup like this, I knew it was going to be a show to go early to and prepare myself. All these guys are known for their rowdy (although super friendly) crowds, who answer the call for the pit at a moment’s notice. Each band falls under the ‘alternative’ category, but each delivered such a unique experience that catching every set was an absolute must!

When siiickbrain took the stage, I was excited to see that others in LA also got the unspoken memo to come early.

Once Caroline Miner (aka, siiickbrain) stormed the stage and burst into her song “Overdrive”, the audience was completely engaged. Some fans in the crowd were singing alongside and other new fans were entranced. This was somebody who won’t stay first on the bill for long! 

Next up was grandson — a personal favorite of mine. Jordan Benjamin, the man behind grandson, exploded onto the stage like a lighting bolt and started with his chilling rager “6:00”. There were some fans in the crowd crying as they screamed the words. grandson tore through the stage with a stage presence unlike any I have ever seen; I could describe it best as an Energizer bunny, only angry… matching the aggressive, yet touching music. As he went on into his iconic song “We Did It!!!”, a line of dedicated fans on the bar threw up signs with the words. The atmosphere of the audience was unbelievably intimate in the big arena that is the Kia Forum.

After another quick short set change and Knocked Loose took the stage, one by one, finally joined by frontman Bryan Garris, known for his unique tone in his screaming vocals. Garris’s ability to deliver a song while covering EVERY square inch of that stage was unbelievable, setting the tone with the audience to move, as well! While the band smashed through “God Knows”, the crowd opened up and smashed into themselves. Even after that incredible set from Knocked Loose, the crowd was still left anxiously waiting for their headliner. 

When Bring Me the Horizon’s frontman Oliver Sykes took the stage and greeted LA, the full house went totally bananas. After a quick hello, the band took off with their viral TikTok song “Can you Feel My Heart”. With no hesitation, they continued into their anthem “Happy Song”.

The audience was in full-force rage mode.

Multiple mosh pits could be seen throughout the floor, as well as some very appreciated hardworking security guards (shoutout!) who were catching crowd-surfers left and right. The big surprise treat of the night was when Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose came out and joined Sykes for BMTH’s early throwback anthem “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”, truly making this a night that we would all never forget!

Bring Me the Horizon wraps up their Post Human USA Tour in the Midwest this October, before continuing on to South America and the rest of the world this Winter! Don’t miss out on these incredible acts. 

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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