Cinco de Mayo Acoustic Sessions Party

On May 5th, the Cinco De Mayo Acoustic Sessions party was held at a private location in San Diego, California — and, boy, was it hopping! It was a warm sunny southern California day, perfect for BBQing and some music with friends. 

The hosts did a really great job of putting things together and making it a perfect day for everyone.

The party was headlined by Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth and Zeb, drummer of Tribal Seeds. Some of the other great artists that played that day were Karim Israel and Chris from Arise Roots,; Asher and Chiquis from The Expanders; Moi, Mets and Rico from Tomorrows Bad Seeds; Mic Dangerously from Zen Robbi; the boys of Sensi Trails and Jacob Gonzales. It was great seeing so many smiling faces I hadn’t seen in over a year! 

Photography by Sean McCracken

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