Circle The Earth hosts an industry showcase in Los Angeles

Circle The Earth hosted an industry showcase at SIR Studios in Los Angeles on June 22nd, complete with catered food and drinks to promote their unique blend of modern rock, including their new devilishly delicious pop rock single “Sweetest Pain”.

The band has made it clear that they’re here to stay, even in a city boasting the most competitive market.

I absolutely loved their stage presence and the chemistry they had towards each other onstage! Circle The Earth not only gave the showcase attendees a rock show for the ages, with a wide range of vocals, but further provided fashion looks that had everyone mesmerized. Possibly my favorite part of the show was the use of the keytar — you never see that! Circle The Earth has provided everything needed to make me an instant fan and I can’t wait to see their next performance.

Photography by Omar Solis

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