Coast Contra shakes up Washington D.C.

Coast Contra is an amazing hip-hop group that I accidentally stumbled upon via Instagram. The group is made up of four members (twins Ras and Taj Austin, Cali, Colombia-born Rio Loz, and Philadelphia’s Eric Jamal), who met in LA in 2015 where they first came together as a group. The first song I ever heard from them was the “Never” freestyle, which was one of their first viral hits; that song really captured my attention and made me want to hear more!

Once I knew they would be in town, I made it my mission to see them live. I love the venue Songbyrd in D.C., since they always seem to have the best artists performing. Luckily for me, Coast Contra was heading to Songbyrd the night of September 21st, 2022.

Being that this was my first show back since the pandemic, I was excited to see them live.

Coast Contra definitely did not disappoint. They not only gave a great show with high energy and amazing music, they also made the crowd feel like family by reminding each and every one of us of our potential and by also including the crowd in a cypher. Very much in D.C. style, the crowd was up for the challenge of a cypher. It’s great to see the music scene in D.C. flourishing, and this show was a great reminder of that. This event was not only about the music, but also about bringing the hip-hop community together. I think they definitely achieved that when they played this show! All-in-all I definitely think that Coast Contra was the best way to get back into concert scene and would encourage anyone who loves hip-hop to check them out sometime!

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