Collie Buddz shows the Midwest how to have a good time

It’s not every day you get to go to a Collie Buddz concert. It’s even less often that you get to go to a Shwayze and Collie Buddz show, but when it happens, believe me, it’s a night like no other. On November 11th, the two artists came to St. Louis and performed a fantastic set at Delmar Hall — one of the last shows of Collie Buddz’s fall tour, with Shwayze opening things up.

The crowd was so excited for the show, they could hardly contain themselves. Before Shwayze came out, I overheard one fan in the front row (who claimed to have driven all the way from California) say,

“I think I might cry tonight, no lie.”

I don’t know if she cried, but she sure seemed excited when she got handed the microphone from Shwayze to sing along for a bit on the song “How I Want It” — one of his more popular songs from 2013. After letting her rock for a few minutes, he took the mic back and finished out the set with a ferocious spirit and an inventory of songs that took me back to my high school days. It was definitely a bucket list item to finally see Shwayze perform hits like “Buzzin”, “Lazy Days”, and “Corona & Lime”, and if you happen to have a nostalgia for early 2000s beach music, blended with modern hip hop and good vibes, check out Shwayze’s new incredible album Shway SZN, available on all platforms now.

Shwayze played for about an hour before handing it off to the star of the night, the one and only Collie Buddz, who came out with a liveliness and energy level that I have only felt at reggae concerts… and this is coming from someone who goes to concerts all the time! It was clear that Collie Buddz loves what he does and has fun doing it. He got everyone moving and dancing throughout his set — a set that spanned his entire catalog — and it was a lot of fun seeing the different styles of dance breaking out amongst the crowd, which was a beautifully diverse medley of cultures, colors, and creeds.

With a hint of the newly legalized marijuana in the air, Collie Buddz and Shwayze showed the Midwest how to have a good time.

Collie Buddz’s tour should be wrapping up soon, but in the meantime, all of his music is available for streaming, as well as Shwayze’s new album Shway SZN.

Photography by Thomas Semonco

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