Comedy meets music at the conclusion of Comic-Con 2023

The final day of Comic-Con 2023 came to a finish for most, but for some, they were treated to one final show of the weekend. Hannibal Buress brought his stand-up comedy and music project, Eshu Tune, to the stage at Music Box in San Diego. The late-notice show was packed from end to end, top to bottom with eager fans ready to see whatever Hannibal threw at them.

Doors opening at 5 o’clock with the show starting at 6:00 didn’t mean that the party couldn’t start right away. Pastor Weed, from the band and podcast, Smoking At Church, got things started with a quick DJ performance before Hannibal took the stage for a stand-up set talking about living in Hawaii during COVID, the challenges of being a brand new dad of a baby girl, and 2 Chainz getting him high for other people’s amusement. After a short intermission, Smoking At Church took the stage for a Comic-Con Sunday Service. Blessing the crowd with testaments from fans, it was a real treat being in church again.

Seeing Hannibal perform stand-up gave everyone the laughs they were expecting and the laughs they didn’t know they needed from his project, Eshu Tune.

Buress finds a way to blend his style of stand-up comedy with his lyrics with lines from songs like “Knee Brace” making sure you know that even in a knee brace, he’s still getting it.

The whole show lasted a little more than three hours, getting to watch Hannibal Buress experiment with new stand-up material while also getting to show a side most haven’t seen of him was refreshing. With the atmosphere feeling very spontaneous, considering the show was announced the Thursday before, everyone performed with freedom and nothing to lose attitude, just for fun. And that’s what it was, fun. The crowd came to enjoy the day before going back to work on Monday and Hannibal, Eshu Tune, and Smoking At Church made the Music Box feel right at home.

Photography by Sam Stofko

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