Counting Crows rocks Paso Robles, CA

The 90s took over Vina Robles Amphitheater with alt rock legends Counting Crows, playing hits such as “Mr. Jones”, “A Long December” and “Daylight Fading”… just to name a few! To start off the night was an acoustic indie artist by the name of Matt Sucich, coming all the way from Queens, New York. He started off the night displaying his great songwriting, telling us story after story about his life through his music. It’s always cool to go to a show with unknown openers; that way, you might just find your next favorite band/musician! Second to go on was a guy by the name of Sean Barna; if you mix Elton John, The Killers and Freddy Mercury, you would get Sean Barna. He came out onstage dressed in a bright red sequin studded jacket. You could definitely feel the crowd digging his style with his great onstage presence.

At long last, it was time for Counting Crows!

I have been wanting to see them ever since I was a little kid. Counting Crows came out with high energy stage presence, starting off with their big hit “Mr. Jones”, which I was super excited for. Singer Adam Duritz was expressive throughout the whole show, making the crowd feel the deepness and raw emotion he put into each song. When the show was about to end, the crowd was going wild, so Counting Crows decided to come back onstage to do a double encore, making it definitely a night to remember!  

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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