Daughtry’s intense, yet inspiring show in Los Angeles

On March 21st, Daughtry brought some heavy rock to Los Angeles, supporting his fresh release, Dearly Beloved, which came out in September. Tremonti was the opening act. Since November, both bands have been traveling all around the country, with plenty of dates left on tour!

A nice dark stage setting, virtuoso guitar, drum solos and powerful vocals — that’s how you get a perfect rock concert.

Along with Daughtry’s old good hit songs, the band played nearly the entire new album! “Changes Are Coming” is what you really want to hear these days. It was a whole intense, yet sincere atmosphere of the album that was truly inspiring! And, the main part here is that Chris Daughtry sounded extremely impressive. Their new material showed his voice on the next level — pure yet powerful. 

Midway through the set, Chris Daughtry switched to acoustic guitar to enable a closer moment with the audience, performing “Home” and “Cry For Help”.  The whole show varied from lyrically sweet to heavy, from melancholic to rather optimistic. The set wasn’t monotonous at all and that’s what you really appreciate at a rock concert!

Photography by Julia Kovaleva

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