DeathbyRomy hosts an acoustic night in support of upcoming first ever tour

As DeathbyRomy gets sent off to her first ever tour featuring Pierce the Veil and The Used. What better way to to say goodbye than to host an intimate show. DeathbyRomy hosted a fundraiser on May 3rd at an unknown location in Encino, CA to help fund her way on the tour. Fans had the opportunity to purchase tickets to see the event live streamed and attendees were treated to a silent audition featuring gift baskets, art prints, and even a tattoo session.

DeathbyRomy along with Jayden Hammer and Cheska Zaide gave the perfect vibes for the acoustic performance and if I’m being honest here, Romy needs an acoustic album.

When she executed the lyrics to “Lovesick”, it’s hypnotic with the acoustic guitar and made me want to replay that version of the song on repeat.

She continued through the set list with fan favorites such as “No Mercy” and covered Lady Gaga’s (who also happens to be one of her influences) “Paparazzi”, which she delivers with so much emotion. No idea who gave her permission to sound this good, but the cover for “Paparazzi” can be found on YouTube and believe me, you will not regret listening to it.

Once the performance was over they agreed to an unexpected encore and Jayden started tuning her guitar. They ended the show with a cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and I can’t stress how much I would love to see an acoustic album featuring this whole set list. I’m absolutely thankful to everyone involved in hosting this intimate event as I’m certain this will never happen again.

You won’t be able to attend an event in the past, but you will be able to catch Romy on The Creative Control Tour with Pierce The Veil and The Used starting May 23rd at the H-E-R center in Cedar Park, TX.

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