Diplo kicks off summer concerts in Sacramento

On Friday nights, some people sleep or go out to eat with friends and family. Others party and that’s exactly what Sacramento did. At the Sacramento Rail Yards on Friday, May 20th, Diplo came to celebrate his music. The vibe was very entertaining, to say the least, and there were approximately over 6,000 fans that evening in attendance! Let’s recap the show.

It was a hot day on Friday, reaching over 90°. There were many fans lining up to enter the general admission line, as well as the VIP line; most wore summer clothing, including T-shirts, shorts, skirts, tank tops and sandals. It looked like a summer festival. When you walked inside the outdoor venue, there were plenty of food trucks and bar stands. The main stage was in the middle, with the VIP lounge behind it. On the side of the main stage, more bar stands and food trucks were lined up to enjoy. People were gathered around talking, eating, drinking and having a good time together — plenty of smiles to go around!

As the sun went down, the music turned up!

Coco & Breezy went on the stage and the crowd went nuts. They started their set with upbeat music that got the fans dancing. In the middle of their set, Coco & Breezy began to dance with each other and vibe with the crowd. The stage was taller than the speakers in the front; some photographers had to climb the speakers to get their perfect shot. Coco & Breezy spun all their hits, including “Impossible”, “U” and “Convo”. Towards the end of their set, the sisters asked the crowd, “Are you already for Diplo?!“ The crowd went crazy and roared in response.

Diplo took the stage and everyone was cheering and continued to dance. The GRAMMY Award-winning deejay put on an amazing performance, wearing a Jason Williams Kings jersey. He catered to all the senses, with bone-shaking bass drops, teeth-clattering claps and hair-raising high sounds. The speakers blasted as loud as they could and the fans were enjoying themselves. Throughout the show, there were pyrotechnics that shot plumes of fire and smoke straight up from the bottom of the stage. Not only that, but the background screen displayed many psychedelic visuals and flashing lights. It was a VIBE.

Diplo’s setlist contained trancy blends of hip hop and pop songs, remixed in his own way.

This was a perfect way to kick off the “thisis916” summer concert series. Diplo played his hits, including “Don’t Forget My Love”, “On My Mind”, as well as remixes to “Get Out Of The Way”, The White Stripes‘ “Seven Nation Army” and “B.Y.O.B”.

Curating a roughly 90-minute set of music isn’t an easy task and Diplo knew how to get the crowd up and partying for the duration of summer night in Sac. Throughout the show, Diplo grabbed his microphone and asked Sacramento how they were doing, which emitted a roar from the crowd every time. Sacramento was very proud to host an evening like this and I hope Diplo is set to return soon for another amazing block party!

Photography by Arik Ruiz

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