Dirty Heads gets it ‘Kraken’ in Apopka, Florida

One of the best lineups I’ve seen all year hit a brand-new amphitheater in Apopka, Florida on July 16th! A lot of people traveled from all over Florida to check out the Let’s Get It Kraken Tour, with alt reggae heavyweights Dirty Heads headlining over SOJA, Tribal Seeds and more. The local Florida band that everyone loves, Artikal Sound System, started things off, getting everyone up and dancing their worries away really quickly to their funky reggae vibes. Check out the latest album by A.S.S. called Welcome to Florida if you have yet to do so!

Tribal Seeds was up after that, blasting horns with tremendous energy.

Everyone was screaming, ready for more sweet reggae music. Even though we all love seeing Steven Jacobo up front leading the band, Hector Roots Lewis stepped in as lead singer for this summer tour and is currently doing an amazing job. By the end of the Tribal Seeds set, a thunderstorm was rolling through; the venue stopped the show, telling everyone to head for cover and some people did so as others shouted, “I’m not fucking leaving.” As some people left, you could see the staff marking songs off the SOJA set list, cutting them short. After the weather cleared, they cranked on some music and people started flowing back into the venue, allowing SOJA to come out strong. The GRAMMY Award-winning band had the fans going crazy, singing along with them for every song. They even kept going past the set list! Make sure to listen to album Beauty in The Silence — it’s the most recent and the aforementioned GRAMMY winner.

As they set the stage for Dirty Heads, you could see the ‘kraken’ rising from the back of the stage as the band walked out and smoke-filled bubbles covered the amphitheater. With a mix of reggae, rock and rap, Dirty Heads get everyone of all ages hyped. It was an epic lineup and unforgettable show — no rain was going to stop it! This is a tour you do not want to miss, for all of these bands need to be on your summer playlist. 

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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