DROELOE & friends treat St. Louis to a late night dance party

The Old Rock House in downtown St. Louis welcomed DROELOE and company to their club for a night of dancing and electronic music. The show was opened by a host of talented deejays and musicians, allowing fans to dance the night away by the name of Drace, Chuck Sutton and Biicla — each delivering hard-hitting sets.

DROELOE, the main act of the night, is a musician from the Netherlands.

Releasing the majority of his music through fellow Dutch artist San Holo‘s record label Bitbird, DROELOE has been pumping out uplifting EDM under the genre “Future Bass” since 2016. Originally starting as an audio/visual duo, consisting of producer Vincent Rooijers and visual artist Hein Hamers, the pair released projects together for four years until eventually parting ways in 2020. Rooijers is still producing and releasing music under the name DROELOE, while Hamers designs visuals for other artists. DROELOE now is a one-man show, made evident by the number of roles he plays onstage. Alternating between deejay, trumpet player and percussionist, Rooijers puts on an uplifting and diverse show, filled to the brim with positive messages about the past, present and future, emphasized by colorful visuals and danceable beats.

Another vital part of the show is Vincent’s interactions with the crowd. Making sure to keep the fans engaged by speaking about the meaning behind each song, borrowing fans phones to record videos onstage and even hopping into the crowd to jump around and join in the festivities, DROELOE is definitely not a one-sided experience. It is clear from the way that he speaks to the crowd that Rooijers enjoys them just as much as they enjoy him. Telling stories about being on tour and spending time in the studio give fans a better idea of where the inspiration for his music comes from, helping form even stronger emotional connections with the songs.¬†

As the night went on, the party intensified.

Fans of all ages found themselves drenched in sweat, having the time of their lives as DROELOE alternated between hard-hitting beats, uplifting electric symphonies and mind-blowing trumpet solos. There were also some less recognizable instruments being put to use, including some sort of percussive box, which he would sit on and slap to the beat, as well as a small two-buttoned device, which he tapped enthusiastically to produce complex rhythms.

All in all, the night was a blast of positive energy and good vibes, all set to the tune of beautifully crafted electronic (and analog) music.¬†DROELOE’s Unexpected Odyssey Tour continues this Spring across the east coast and culminates in a return home for the Nox In The Woods Festival in the Netherlands!

Photography by Sean Rider

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