Experiencing the first annual Summer Roots Festival

Summer Roots Festival hosted a great lineup of some of California’s favorite reggae artists! Newcomers SGV Vibes, a punk/ska/reggae mix band from San Gabriel Valley, kicked off the show at noon with some upbeat, feel-good music to get the crowd warmed up! Then, Roots of Mine took the stage with surprise guest Dread Kennedy for their latest hit, “Something’s Got to Give”.

Indie surf-pop band Bikini Trill put on quite the energetic show, surprising fans with new music that they haven’t played live yet!

Next, about halfway through the event and keeping the great vibes going, was Eli-Mac, who took the stage with her delightful Hawaiian-rooted reggae music. With the crowd hopped up on craft beers and great food, Arise Roots kept the party grooving away with their lively set! Around 4:30pm, just as the unlimited beer tastings ended, Pacific Dub rocked the stage, singing hits from their brand new album A Million Pieces. First headliner, The Expendables, got the crowd up close together, singing and dancing along to classic hits such as “Bowl For Two” and more. Last, but not least, a huge crowd favorite, Fortunate Youth, closed out the show with a wonderful performance, as always! Overall, it was the perfect event for us California reggae lovers on a beautiful, sunny day to start the summer off right with the return of live music! 

Photography by Sean McCracken; recap article by Olivia Valdes

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