Fans beg Matt Maeson for encore in San Diego

Matt Maeson brought his Never Had to Leave Tour to the Observatory North Park in San Diego, California for an insane sold-out performance. The eager crowd packed the venue early in anticipation of hearing new songs from his most recent album of the same name for the very first time live, as well as old fan-favorites.

Matt Maeson performed with three other band members live and it was clear the guys all were having the best time, which exuded the BEST energy! Even though the setup of the band showed no props, signage, or fancy stage fanfare, it ran parallel to the music itself — a whole lot of heart and soul and no fancy gimmicks. The type of performance I can most relate this to is a Death Cab for Cutie performance — literally just playing, feeling, and sharing the music, while sounding SO perfect! The live performances (especially the amazing vocals) sounded exactly like the recorded versions.

The talent in the live performance was honestly just unreal. 

The full house was lucky to hear an array of songs from his discography of music over the last five years. After starting off with “Nelsonwood Lane”, Maeson had the entire building screaming as soon as song number TWO with his most recent smash hit “Blood Runs Red”. Feeling the energy of the audience in the front row is best described as ‘spiritual’, especially at those high emotional points in the bridge of the song expressing vulnerability and resilience. Maeson took some time to show his pipes while the band exited the stage for “Cry Baby” and “Sanctified” — both new songs from Never Had to Leave. When the band rejoined Maeson, he got down to business and played the lead single from his newest album and then the Platinum, chart-topping, and the HIGHLY remixed song “Hallucinogenics” as the grand finale. 

… Or, so we thought. 

The band took back the stage after the audience screamed as loud as I had ever heard for an encore at The Observatory; you could hear the cheers and feel the vibrations of the sold-out crowd. The guys went into a 2019 fan-favorite positive vibe song, “Beggar’s Song”. It was truly the best way to end the night, sending the crowd off with positive affirmations! I absolutely loved the choice of songs and the order. I felt like we got those big hits sprinkled throughout the evening, so it was a constant wave of excitement. The Never Had to Leave Tour wraps up in Texas and Tennessee soon, but you can still check out the new album on all streaming platforms!! Maeson will also tour around Europe in early Spring 2023. So, make sure you stay tuned for any additional updates!

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