Fred Again… trancends life and death in Hollywood

I don’t usually spend much time at cemeteries at night.

However, unlike most burial grounds, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a vibrant and beautiful setting for an equally energetic and delightful concert. On September 28th, Fred Again… played the first night of his three-day sold-out concert series. The British musician and producer truly brought some magic and lit up the night sky with a uniquely intimate and unforgettable 19-song set.

The evening opened with a joyful and tone-setting performance from Joy Anonymous. The crowd slowly swayed, bounced and began to swell outward as more people packed in towards the end of the set in anticipation for Fred Again….

The 30-minute stage switch for Fred flew by and the buzzing energy from the crowd was palpable. Finally, the lights went low and Fred Again… walked out to a loving and warm welcome from the crowd. He immediately jumped into hits from his 2021 album Actual Life April 14 – December 17, 2020 and then weaving through Actual Life February 22 – October 15, 2021. The heavy beats, melodic dips and accompanying screen visuals made the night feel more like a masterful piece of artwork — the unfolding personal diary of Fred Again…

The normally eerie setting was buzzing with smiles, warm vibes and a collective sense of togetherness.

It felt like everyone was bonding to the tune of mashed-up sound clips, samples and euphoric musical breaks. Fred Again… is at the top of the top of his game and his run at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery proved it. 

The full setlist here:  

  1. “Carlos (Make It Thru)
  2. Kyle (I Found You)
  3. Dermot (See Yourself in My Eyes)
  4. Julia (Deep Diving) / Marnie (Wish I Had U)
  5. Delilah (Pull Me Out of This)
  6. Turn on the Lights again..
  7. Jungle
  8. Lights Out
  9. Me (Heavy)
  10. Kahan (Last Year) / Don’t Judge Me
  11. Faisal (Envelops Me)
  12. Danielle (Smile On My Face)
  13. Chanel / A New Error
  14. Sabrina (I Am a Party)
  15. Angie (I’ve Been Lost) / Clara (Night Is Dark)
  16. Unreleased (Various samples)
  17. Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)
  18. Baxter (These Are My Friends)
  19. Billie (Loving Arms)

Photography by Matty Paster

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