Hippie Sabotage entrances San Diego

When brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer roll into town, you know it’s going to be a party. Formally known as the alternative EDM duo Hippie Sabotage, these talented brothers bring the laser lights and kaleidoscopic visuals associated with the deejay scene — yet so much more. Between switching off on live guitar and bouncing into the crowd to sing alongside fans (taking selfies with their phones along the way), Hippie Sabotage is something else.

The crowd, garnered in all kinds of Y2K-meets-mushroom-trip attire, were ready for “I don’t give a f*ck what”.

After two lively openers, the brothers Saurer were greeted onstage with screams of absolute ecstasy, welcoming the crowd as they “ENTER THE UNKOWN”. The visuals hadn’t even picked up speed yet before Hippie Sabotage was jumping into the barricade to hype hardcore fans on the rail. After the first beat drop, the whole place was hooked.

Broadcasting scenes of spiraling colors, human subjects, and alien lore, Hippie Sabotage went on to perform entrancing renditions of their many hits; I was particularly moved with “Drifter” and “Devil Eyes”. The duo took a moment to recognize that most of the songs they’re performing today were actually written in San Diego — prompting an appropriately uproarious reaction. Apparently, the two went to college here, which made it ultra appropriate that they took their tour to San Diego State University’s Open Air Theater that night. As brilliant, multi-colored lasers shot out into the night and plumes of smoke erupted from the stage, it was hard not to have the music fully envelope your soul; no one was standing still. More hits came along throughout the rest of the night, like “Your Soul” and “Stay High”, a remix of Tove Lo‘s “Habits”.

In all, Hippie Sabotage is less of a band and more of an experience. You just have to be there. Luckily enough, they may be coming to a city near you shortly, so don’t miss out!

Photography by Kristy Rose

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