HIRIE at San Diego’s Observatory North Park

On December 3rd, HIRIE headlined a show at the iconic Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA. They were further supported by two of the greatest local bands, Boostive and Tribal Theory, with live painting being done during each set by another amazing San Diegan, Jimmy Ovadia.

Boostive was first… I got in a bit late and came in a few songs into their set, yet the energy coming off them and seeing the crowd dancing and getting going was awesome. Next up was Tribal Theory, who always brings the heat and their set that night was no different. They always have such a great time onstage, I really love shooting their shows!

Finally, HIRIE came out and I was blown away.

The show she and her players put on was amazing. They are always running around and dancing, all the while playing everyone’s favorite songs. The sets from her just keep getting better and better every time I’ve seen them over the years!

Photography by Sean McCracken

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