How San Diego’s Music Box got its kicks with The Fixx

The Fixx arrived in San Diego on the first leg of their Every Five Seconds Tour 2022 at the Music Box June 17th, 2022. Fortunately for us in San Diego, Slim Jim Phantom is on the bill for the California dates! Slim Jim Phantom is the drummer for Stray Cats. He introduced his wife, Jennie Vee (of Eagles of Death Metal). They played Stray Cats songs, “Summertime Blues” and fun rockabilly songs that got us dancing and smiling. Slim Jim Phantom and Jennie Vee released a single in December 2020 named “Locked Down in Love”. He also hosts Rockabilly Rave Up on Sirius XM’s Underground Garage channel. I loved their rockabilly trio! 

The crowd was mostly people that grew up in the 80s (me included), but when I got to the photographer area (we call it ‘the photo pit’) someone caught my eye. A young man, maybe 8 years old, was standing there with the Reach the Beach album in hand, intently watching the stage, waiting in anticipation to see the band he loves walk out. I was so intrigued that a youngin’ appreciates the Reach the Beach album! It’s my absolute favorite in all their discography. I started asking the adults around him, “Are you his mom? Is he your kid?” I met his parents and they said he just loves The Fixx. They didn’t drag him to the show; he asked them to go to the show! Felix also caught the attention of lead singer, Cy Curnin, so much so that he was able to meet him after the set and I’m sure got his album signed.

I loved watching Felix’s face light up in awe when The Fixx walked out onstage.

Just seeing The Fixx is nostalgic for most of us in that venue, but watching it through a child’s eyes is amazing. When I saw the Reach the Beach Tour 1983 shirts at the merch table, I was so excited! (I’m a proud owner of a Reach the Beach shirt!). I imagined the setlist with Reach the Beach in its entirety. That did not happen. However, The Fixx just released their 11th studio album Every Five Seconds on June 3rd of this year — as in two weeks before this show! This is their first release since Beautiful Friction in 2012. The setlist was heavy weighted with five songs from the new album. Although it is very new and most of us haven’t learned the words yet, it’s The Fixx. The music is beautiful, meaningful, self-reflective and hopeful for the world. In between songs, Cy Curnin said, “From my glorious view, I just see happy people… I know the problems are there, but tonight leave them outside the door.” I loved that! Yes, let’s just be here in the moment and soak in this vibe, the lyrics and be present. 

We did get to hear our faves from MTV days: “Saved By Zero”, “One Thing Leads to Another”, “Secret Separation”, “Less Cities, More Moving People” and, of course, “Red Skies”. The Fixx are touring the US all through summer, so check out the new album Every Five Seconds and catch them live when they roll into your town!

Photography by Heather Vandemark

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