An intimate show with Anti-Flag in Santa Cruz

On October 10th, I was fortunate enough to see Anti-Flag in Santa Cruz alongside some other amazing punk rock bands. Oxymorrons started off the night, with a mixture of hip hop and hardcore punk. Oxymorrons are the ‘babies’ of the tour, yet, the way they all connected with the crowd was amazing and spoke for itself.

Next up was a female-fronted punk band by the name of Grumpster; the way they performed onstage was entertaining and really got the crowds going for more. There was one more band to go before Anti-Flag — an all-female surf punk style band named Dog Party. There’s only two members of the band, a drummer and guitarist, who both switched off singing. 

At this point, it was time for headliners Anti-Flag!

Being in an intimately small venue, it was epic to see the crowd moshing and singing their hearts out to one of the most renowned modern punk bands out there. Bassist Chris Barker had some crazy energy, too, running and jumping all over the stage. It was definitely a day to remember. Make sure you catch Anti-Flag if you have the chance!

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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