Kai Wachi delivers one of EDM’s most bone-rattling sets EVER

The Old Rock House just south of Downtown St. Louis hosted another heavy dubstep show to a packed house of headbangers. The heavy-wub-heavyweight Kai Wachi and his two opener acts were brought to town by B&W productions, and certainly gave the audience a performance to remember.

Accompanying Kai Wachi on the tour were the two opening acts, Nimda and Prosecute. Starting off the night first was Nimda, a dubstep artist from the UK who has teamed up with Kai Wachi in the past on songs like “6 Feet Deep”. Nimda started off the show with some very heavy and dark vibes, with very aggressive bass that–

smacked you in the chest and had the crowd instantly banging their heads and shoving each other around.

Next up was Prosecute, a Texan producer from the city of Austin. Living up to his litigious name, Prosecute seemed on a mission to incarcerate anyone in the venue who refused to engage in aggressive head banging during his set.

The young artist brought an intense energy to the stage, as well as a plethora of filthy bass drops. The aggressive stage design fit with the violent music perfectly, filled with hanging chains and metal standards that brought a very brutalist vibe to the Old Rock House. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to get locked up by Prosecute

Finally, Kai Wachi took the stage, and proceeded to deliver one of the heaviest, bone rattling, ear ringing sets I have ever witnessed at an EDM show. The bass drops were disgusting. The crowd was intense, and the show even needed to be put on pause for a moment to help overheated attendees make their way outside to be revived by the fresh air. As soon as safety was assured, Kai Wachi jumped right back into absolutely bringing down the (Old Rock) house. The tiny venue was packed edge to edge with scantily clad rave-goers, all completely lost in the dark EDM sauce.

The show was definitely a sight to behold. And afterwards, Kai Wachi and his supporting acts put their character on display, all sticking around after the show to chat with the crowd and take photos in the parking lot. The smiles that could be seen on all the sweaty, disheveled faces of the fans made it clear why the artists took the time to interact with them instead of just hopping on the tour bus and heading out of town.

This type of small, intimate show, is always a hidden gem, regardless of the genre of music.

Artist who take the time to connect with their audience before and after their shows, especially in such a genuine way, set the standard for artists everywhere.

Catch Kai Wachi on the tail end of his US tour, as well as the plethora of music festivals he is no doubt slated to appear at this summer!

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