KBong starts tour in San Luis Obispo with Sensi Trails

On February 5th, KBong and Sensi Trails took over SLO Brew Rock for the first night of their tour. Sensi Trails started off the night with their surf reggae vibes mixed with a little rock and roll. Singer Kyle Rising and bassist Kaya Hall drew in the crowd with their high energy stage presence and with the way they communicate by just looking at each other. This was the first time I’ve seen Sensi Trails with a trumpet player! The trumpet player helped give the band a bigger and better sound. During their song “Just Living”, they welcomed KBong to the stage so he could sing his part, which was amazing to finally see the two up onstage!

The way KBong performed up onstage was different than anything I’ve seen…

Headlining was KBong keyboardist of Stick Figure. He was backed by some amazing artists, such as Corrick Watson guitarist (of Through The Roots). The way KBong performed up onstage was different than anything I’ve seen; despite a smaller crowd than Stick shows, KBong knew how to work it well to connect with his audience. The whole show was more like an intimate performance than just a regular concert. This was my first time seeing KBong do a solo show without Stick Figure and I can say that he blew me away. He is definitely someone who is a must-see. After the show, I stuck around hanging with Sensi Trails (since they are really good friends of mine) and KBong. Both bands are super friendly. If either KBong or Sensi Trails make a stop in your hometown, do not hesitate to grab a ticket or two! Definitely one of best shows I’ve seen in a long time. There are still 13 shows left for this tour, so go grab a ticket to see them!

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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