Khruangbin showers San Diego’s Rady Shell with crystalline psychedelia

Khruangbin‘s A La Sala Tour grooved on into The Rady Shell on April 16th, creating an insanely unique experience of psychedelic rock on the water, settled along the beautiful skyline of downtown San Diego. The trio — consisting of Laura Lee Ochoa, Mark Speer, and DJ Johnson — delivered two unforgettable sets.

The band started with their fourth studio album, A La Sala, grooving through every track in its entirety with ease and confidence, effortlessly licking through cool, complicated drum riffs and guitar solo moments. To the audience’s pleasant surprise, the band seamlessly transitioned into Set Two, consisting of a variety of beloved tracks from their previous albums. 

The audience roared as the band started off with “Dean Kala”, furthering the crowd to unite into one harmonized groove session.

Without a hitch, the trio expertly hit attendees with insane moments of exciting, attention-grabbing showcases of musical bliss, with perfect transitions to soothing interludes and moments of calm before yet another musical peak. It was a beautiful storm, with the crowd dancing in the eye. Khruangbin performed a perfect assortment of their catalog including “The Number 3”, “Evan Finds the Third Room”, and finally “So We Won’t Forget”.

Left wanting for more, the crowd continued to ask for one more song until they came back out and played fan-favorite “People are Everywhere (Still Alive)”.

The A La Sala Tour continues this spring through the Midwest and the east coast, before it’s off to the UK this summer. Don’t miss a chance for the best funky jam fest of the year, hosted by Khruangbin! 

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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