Kyle Smith at Huntington Beach’s Sealegs

As the sun shone bright and the ocean glistened like diamonds, with the familiar summer scent of sunscreen filling the air, Ventura locals Kyle Smith and his fantastic band set out to headline Reggae Sunday’s at the gorgeous beachside venue of Sealegs in Huntington Beach, CA on Sunday, June 9th, 2019.

Fans and pups of all ages filled the fabulous California beach early in hopes of meeting their quickly up-and-coming favorite Kyle Smith and his full band. As they anxiously awaited for them to take the seaside stage, Smith made his younger fans’ day by hanging out with them before and after his exciting set, bumping knuckles, signing autographs and taking time to chat.

Up first was ska-reggae Aloha Radio, bringing high energy and attitude to the forefront. Everyone was fired up long before Kyle Smith took the night over. The crowd, parents and kids alike took to the front of the stage to start an impromptu kid-friendly mosh pit as Kyle Smith played favorites like “Criminal”, “Leave It” and “Dope Fiend”. Other fans danced in the sand and basked in the sun, singing their hearts out along to originals “Jaded”, “One Too Many” and “Astray”.

Kyle and his bandmates impressed the crowd with insane originals and covers into the evening. The horn section lit it up on The Offspring’s “Keep ‘Em Separated”, while bass player Chris Nishida got funky on Pepper’s “Dry Spell” and drummer Scotty B showed his mad skills banging away on his kit during another Pepper cover, “Ashes”.

On the heels of a successful winter and spring run, playing alongside the likes of Bret Bollinger (of Pepper) and Dan Kelly (of Fortunate Youth), while maintaining the most insane campaign with #whothefuckiskylesmith, the band has also taken crowds by storm on side stages at One Love and Cali Roots festivals. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on seeing them live in a town near you!

Photography by Sean McCracken & Jenni Lynne

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