Making bucket list band Blonde Redhead a reality in Nashville

Blonde Redhead, for me, is one of those bands that I have known about for a very long time, but have never seemed to figure out a way to make it to one of their shows. Thinking back on how much time I have invested listening to them, it’s almost a fact that I am embarrassed to admit; they are one of the few remaining bands on my ‘all-time must see’ bucket list of concerts I must attend before I die. After the release of their latest album, 2023’s Sit Down for Dinner, I made a promise to myself that if they came anywhere within a 500 mile radius of me, I would go to a show.

On February 26th in Nashville, I finally had clearance to spend an evening with one of my all-time favorite bands. 

The Basement East was packed with people, making it nearly impossible to get as close to the stage as I had wanted. I should have arrived when the doors opened, but Nashville’s notoriously horrible traffic had other plans for me. This evening would be a two-band bill, with Boston native Squirrel Flower starting things off without her usual rock band. It was just Squirrel Flower and a guitar, but her voice would be the focal point of the audience on this night. The soft strumming was drowned out by her sweet, yet powerful voice. In some ways it reminded me of spoken word poetry with occasional melodies. If I am being completely honest, it was the softest set of music I have ever heard in the 30+ years of attending concerts. Although I had no previous knowledge of Squirrel Flower, I felt almost hypnotized by her voice and thought that her sound would perfectly compliment a relaxing day at the spa. 

A quick wave to the crowd from Kazu Mikano was all that was needed before Blonde Redhead began strumming the first few notes of “Falling Man”. The crowd predictably screamed in enthusiasm, but the loud and energetic energy at the start would be replaced with locked in focus from nearly every audience member. In some ways, it felt as if each of us needed to commit this entire experience to memory without the usual obligatory  extended clapping sessions.

Occasionally someone would yell out “We love you!”, but otherwise, there was audience silence until the end of each song.

After three or so songs, guitarist Amedeo Pace made a statement to the crowd, asking them to forgive his singing as his voice was giving him some trouble. He seemed to be struggling through the songs and it seemed like the band collectively decided to cut a couple songs from later in the set to ensure he didn’t do any damage to his voice. Still, hearing songs like “23”, “Sit Down for Dinner (Parts 1 & 2)”, and “SW” live for the first time was truly life changing. My only complaint was that they didn’t have another hour to play everything I wanted them to play! Like “Dripping”, which is by far my favorite. If you have the chance, make sure you catch Blonde Redhead on any of their remaining tour dates.

Photography by Derek Jones

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