Maxwell brings generations of fans together in Baltimore

Crowds of people walked towards the doors of The Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena. Daughters, mothers, fathers and grandparents all smiled while they got their food and found their seats.

Multiple generations came together for one reason, to witness Maxwell’s beautiful voice and sensational music.

However, first up was Alex Isley. She walked the stage with elegance and sang from her heart as many fans stood up and watched. Smiling and talking in between her songs, she left the fans wanting more. However, the time for the headliner was approaching. 

Smoke filled the stage, fans held their breath as the  instruments ramped up, and from behind the smoke stepped in a man with a gold mic in hand and a contagious smile. Maxwell has arrived. His wonderfully chilling voice sent a jolt throughout the arena and before anyone knew it the front of the stage was crowded. Fans ran down aisles to get as close as they possibly could. They cheered as Maxwell sang and danced on a stage that was beautifully lit by blue, red, purple, and white lights throughout the night. Behind him was a large screen behind him that showed stunning visuals of himself and at times abstract art. While Maxwell’s presence was so immense it was easy to forget there were others on stage with him, he surely made sure we in fact did not. At times, he would step to the side prompting a band member or his back-up singer to become the focus and they always made the best out of their moments. 

Maxwell danced on that stage as though it was built for him.

He sang as though the bills were due. The fans danced and sang right along with him, playing a large majority of his hit songs. You got the feeling that at this point in his career he is bordering on legendary status and When he looked into the crowd and saw men and women in the age ranges of mid 20s to the 60s and up you could see the appreciation on his face. The crowd was verification that his music has transcended time and thus resulting in young and old people alike finding joy in his music. Maxwell’s Baltimore show will be a show its attendees will remember forever.

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