Menlo Park has nostalgic night of music thanks to Michelle Branch

On the evening of Sunday, October 15th, 2023, Menlo Park’s Guild Theatre was ablaze with excitement as Michelle Branch graced the stage for her Trouble With Fever Tour. The venue was packed to capacity, and this being my inaugural visit, I had no prior expectations. To my delight, I found convenient street parking just outside, and the queue at the door, which opened at 7 p.m., was surprisingly short.

The Guild Theatre, with its intimate setting accommodating around 500 patrons, created an ideal atmosphere for the night’s musical journey.

Up front, among fellow eager concertgoers, we reveled in the nostalgia of the early 2000s, eagerly anticipating the opening act, Bad Bad Hats.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bad Bad Hats, founded by Kerry Alexander and Chris Hoge during their college years in 2012, burst onto the stage with infectious energy. They treated the audience to tracks from their latest album, “Walkman.” One song, “Detroit Basketball,” stood out, making them a must-listen for fans of Eliza and the Delusionals and Liza Anne.

Following the spirited performance by Bad Bad Hats, it was time for a delightful trip down memory lane with Michelle Branch. Adorned in a stunning black leopard print dress and matching cheetah boots, she serenaded the crowd with a cascade of her chart-toppers. The setlist featured classics such as “Breathe,” “You Get Me,” “Leave The Pieces,” “Goodbye To You,” “All You Wanted,” and, of course, her breakthrough hit, “Everywhere.”

In addition to the beloved oldies, Michelle Branch introduced a few fresh tracks into the mix, including “Best You Ever,” “Loud Music,” “When That Somebody Is You,” “Not My Lover,” “Fault Line,” and “Hopeless Romantic.” The Grammy-winning “Game Of Love,” her collaboration with Santana, received an acoustic rendition that left the audience enchanted.

The concert reached its crescendo with the final encore, “Are You Happy Now,” a fitting conclusion to a night drenched in nostalgia and musical excellence.

Michelle Branch’s debut album, Spirit Room, released in 2001, held a special place in my teenage years and remains one of my go-to road trip soundtracks to this day. Remarkably, over two decades later, Michelle Branch proved that she’s still got it. The sold-out crowd sang in unison, creating a memorable, energetic atmosphere.

If Michelle Branch’s Trouble With Fever Tour is headed to your town, it’s a musical experience not to be missed.

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