mmeadows gains new fans at Casbah in San Diego

Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green are not new to the music industry, but they’ve come together in an entirely different journey: mmeadows. Kristin (vocals, keys/key-tar) comes from big time indie legends Dirty Projectors, while Cole (instrumentalist including but not limited to: trumpet, electronic valve Instruments, and overall music engineering/production) has a history of collaborating with Beyoncé, Lorde, and Taylor Swift. A dynamic duo made in sweet music heaven exudes through their comfortable stage presence allowing the audience to join in on the fun and friendship.

These guys may have been opening the night for indie songwriter Will Sheff, but the first few verses sung out by Kristin Slipp had the room’s attention from beginning to end. The undeniably intoxicating rhythms played by Cole seemed to float up and around Kristin’s angelic vocals, and fill the entire venue (Casbah in San Diego) with beautiful harmonies.

There were moments where it almost sounded unreal.

I was completely captivated along with everyone else in the audience. One audience member leaned over to me and said “I’m not really a pop music kind of guy, but I am a BIG fan of these two after today.”

Not that this music is to be defined as just pop music. Top Shelf Music had the pleasure to preview their debut full length album Light Moves Around You before it’s February 3rd release date. In all transparency, we’re just completely hooked. This 10 piece record reflects the band’s smooth, deep, dynamic trust in each other and the music they create.

The sound has true intention and will quite literally make you stop for a second.

Kristin’s vocals throughout the record seem to revolve the unique, groovy musical riffs Cole creates. We highly recommend listening to this album track 1-10 no shuffle once it drops next week…everything down to the spaces between the songs has been executed with intention.

mmeadows finishes up their West Coast tour next week before heading back to their NYC home base and celebrating their debut album release! Do yourself a favor and get to know these guys before the rest of the world does! Light Moves Around You will be available February 3rd, 2023! From streaming, to CDs and even cassette tapes, there’s no excuse not to check them out.

Listen to mmeadows newest music and pre-save their upcoming album here!

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