Muffin But Good Vibes anniversary party in San Diego

The venue was packed, the music was flawless, the crowd was wild and the vibes were good; you would never guess it was a Tuesday night, thanks to Craig McKnight of Muffin But Good Vibes. Southern California was brought together at San Diego’s Music Box to celebrate the successful 2nd Anniversary of McKnight’s unique family business venture that combines a love of music, community and artisan muffins. 

Ticket holders had the privilege of attending performances by Alific, accompanied by Man of the Forests, as well as The Resinators, Kat Hall, and headliners Katastro. Aaron Wolf lent his musical talent to Alific and Kat Hall by hopping onstage for a few songs, too!

Alific with Man of the Forests started the celebration off with a variety of original songs, crafted with beautifully blending together electronic notes and reggae vibes. Alific also graced us with his personal spin on some well-known cover songs.

Have you heard Man of the Forests bust out his violin in tribute to Sublime? Because, wow!

Alific and Man of the Forests greeted celebrators by providing an intimate, welcoming set with the party time rage of The Resinators following close behind. The reggae rock trio wowed the crowd, blasting their set with punk rock-style sound. Those boys know how to rock and they have no problem doing it on a Tuesday night — especially in support of their buddy Craig and Muffin But Good Vibes.

The energy level was matched by none other than Kat Hall and her supporting band. This performance capped off her first cross-country tour and the enthusiasm she radiated all night had the whole place getting down to her soulful reggae funk!

Katastro then headlined the night, solidifying it as one of the most memorable! I was able to see Katastro back in February when they performed at the Cali Vibes Festival in Long Beach; the band brought that same energy to The Music Box. Overall, the night was full of music, magic and muffins! The music community gathered strength that night in supporting a truly stellar staple of southern California culture — Muffin But Good Vibes!

Photography by Jenna Shaw

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