MUNA sells out The Fillmore in San Francisco

On Monday, October 24th, 2022, I made my way up to San Francisco for night two of MUNA’s back to back sold-out shows at The Fillmore, where the Los Angeles trio packed the historic venue. I had never seen The Fillmore this full before.

I’ve also never felt the ground shake as it did while everyone danced the night away to song after song.

The opening band for Night Two was high-energy all-female pop punk band Meet Me @ The Altar, who released their debut EP,  Model Citizen, with music label Fuel By Ramen in August 2021, with a full-length album coming soon. Meet Me @ The Altar kicked off their kickass set with their newest single “Say It (To My Face)”, which they just dropped the official music video for over on YouTube.  Other songs on the setlist included “King of Everything”, “Beyond My Control”, “Give It Up”, “Try”, “Garden (Acoustic)”, “T.M.I.” and last, but not least, their Green Day-inspired track titled “Kool”. Many of these songs cannot be found on Spotify, because they are unreleased tracks that will be on the next release. Fans of Paramore really need to check this band out, because I predict they are going to explode.

Next up was the reason for the full house at The Fillmore — it was time for MUNA!

2022 has absolutely been MUNA’s year, with the release of their self-titled full-length album Silk Chiffon with collaborator and boss Phoebe Bridgers. Being dropped from RCA Records in 2019 turned out to be a blessing in disguise for MUNA, as Bridgers took them under her wing and signed them to her new label, Saddest Factory Records, granting them full creative control (unlike previously at RCA).

That night, MUNA played many of their new stellar tracks, including “What I Want”, “Solid”, “Runner’s High”, “No Idea”, “Loose Garment”, “Kind Of Girl”, “Home By Now”, “Anything But Me” and, for the final encore, “Shooting Star” and “Silk Chiffon”, which had everyone going nuts. In addition, MUNA also played some of their older songs, like “Number One Fan”, “Stay Away”, “Pink Light”, “If You Love Me Now”, “Taken” and the song that introduced me to MUNA, “I Know A Place”. A fun surprise on the tour was towards the end of the set, when the band performed a fun cover of The Killers‘ “Mr. Brightside”. All in all, MUNA packed a punch and had the audience dancing and singing all night long. If you can manage to snag a ticket to see MUNA at a city near you, don’t miss out! 

Photography by Katey Schoenberger

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