Nicky Jam ignites audience in San Jose

Before heading out to Seattle for his last stop of the Infinity Tour, Nicky Jam made his presence known at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. With about 5,000 in attendance, the SAP Center was filled with crowds of beautifully dressed and excited Nicky Jam fans, eager to see the Latin Reggaeton artist in concert. A deejay well-entertained the arena before Nicky Jam made his appearance. With drinks in hand, attendees danced in and out of their seats; some even danced in the aisles as they waited for Nicky Jam to perform!

As I first entered the arena to get my media credential, I couldn’t help but to take a peek at the stage.

The beautiful lighting got me pumped. I always enjoy taking photos at a concert with good lighting, let alone a good artist. After a short time, dancers came out to get in their spots — the show was about to start. As the intro continued, Nicky Jam finally came out onstage, dressed all in white with a black beanie.

As if the light show was not enough, there was also a very thrilling pyrotechnic show. With six equally distributed vertical flame throwers, I knew I had to get good photos. The fire would go about six to eight feet in the air, in sync with certain beats of the music. There was also vertical fog machines that did the same thing as the flame throwers, creating large plumes of smoke from time to time. Some of the songs that were sung included “Chambonea”, “X”, “En La Cama” and the famous “El Amante”. Nicky Jam did a phenomenal job with his songs, the pyrotechnics and, of course, the grand finale of confetti dropped at the close of the show.

Photography by Chris Mora

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