Oliver Tree spreads salacious lies to St. Louis

Oliver Tree is a LIAR!!! The internet’s most famous gaslighter, Oliver Tree, made a stop in St. Louis for his Cowboys Don’t Cry Tour. Fans packed into The Factory to hear the 29-year-old singer play his set and regale them with lies.

Opening the show were the bands Huddy and Jawny. Both acts hailing from California (like Oliver Tree although he would tell you he’s from wherever he’s performing that night), they all seem to share some indescribably upbeat playfulness that feels like a side effect of keeping up with Internet humor or something. Both put on a great opening act, with the crowd especially enjoying Jawny’s cover of Taylor Swift.

After the opening acts, Oliver Tree took the stage riding on a Razor scooter with a horse’s head taped to it.

A fine steed for a modern day cowboy. Tree started the show with energy, jumping and screaming at the crowd to raise their arms — one of many common themes that happened throughout the show. Between songs, Oliver Tree began his lying spree by informing the crowd that he is actually from St. Louis and always loves coming back to play shows (few people seemed to fact-check this statement, judging by the roar of the crowd when he said it, however, Oliver Tree is actually from Santa Cruz, CA). He followed that statement up by saying one song was all that he had planned for the night, but if the crowd screamed loud enough, he could be convinced to play one more. This was, again, met with thunderous cheers from the crowd. The show went on.

After his sixth or seventh encore, and a brief intermission, the stage got changed out for a wild west backdrop and life-size farm animals were wheeled out onto the stage. Oliver returned by mounting a cow, continuing the show from there. The rest of the set was made up of him continuing to alternate between hyping up the crowd and lying about random things that he thought would get them to cheer. He was actually pretty successful at this. When he wasn’t asking the crowd to wave their hands back and forth, his music was upbeat, yet moody, slightly funny and catchy enough to be taken seriously. Oliver Tree’s music exists in a space where angst and comedy meet to create cheery bangers that almost anyone finds appealing.

It’s so serious, that you can’t take it seriously.

Whether it’s onstage or online, Oliver Tree is never afraid to speak his mind or catch a fade. The crowd at the show might not have picked up on the fibs he was telling, but you can bet that he will be in the headlines sometime soon for another bout of celebrity drama with the H3 podcast or your favorite musician. We might not believe everything Oliver Tree tells us, but we sure do respect him for carving out such a unique slice of the music world for us all to escape to every now and then. Be sure to catch the Cowboys Don’t Cry Tour as it continues across the United States and Canada this Fall!

Photography by Sean Rider

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