Packing a [Santa Barbara] Bowl with country outlaw Cody Jinks

The “Hippies and Cowboys” of California got together and packed a bowl for Cody Jinks — the Santa Barbara Bowl that is! Country music’s biggest independent artist Cody Jinks is out on his Change The Game Tour, showing all the major labels that he can do it without Nashville. The outlaw attitude, passion, and hard work of Jinks and his band have gained a large fan base without the help of radio play and the live shows.

He’s the real deal in country music… not backing down or stopping anytime soon.

The Santa Barbara Bowl was in for a spectacular Saturday night of country music by the “Loud and Heavy” singer Cody Jinks, along with the support of The Steel Woods

The Steel Woods was co-founded by Wes Bayliss and Jason ‘Rowdy’ Cope in 2016, quickly gaining fame with country music fan for their sound and heartfelt lyrics. In 2016, Rowdy suddenly and sadly passed away, leaving a major hole in the band. After another eight years of touring, the band has made the decision to no longer be on the road after this 2024 run. With their hits “Let The Rain Come Down”, “Axe”, “Straw In The Wind”, and “Rock That Says My Name”, this may be your last chance to see the remaining band members performing! The band’s performance at the Bowl was definitely a memorable one for us fans, so go check out a show with The Steel Woods in remaining cities while you can.

Cody ‘effin Jinks from Fort Worth, Texas put on one hell of a show.

With the stage set as a saloon bar, Cody and the boys felt right at home, considering a bar is reminiscent of his humble beginnings — now that he’s playing amphitheaters and stadiums. Fans were pouring back drinks and ready to sing along to their favorite songs by the outlaw Jinks. A new element added to the show was the band sitting at the front of the stage to play three acoustic songs, the first being “I’m Not The Devil”, followed by “Birds”, and “No Words”. Being the big Cody Jinks fan that I am and “No Words” being a top five favorite song of mine, I thought that was pretty damn cool to see.

Cody also played a song off the new album, purporting it’s the second time he played it live, entitled “I Can’t Complain”; none of us could complain, nor would want to about hearing it! The crowd echoed out the bowl as they sang out “Mamma Song”. If the name Cody Jinks isn’t on your list of artist to see or listen to, let this be your sign to do so, because you’ll be hooked — you’ll “Chase That Song”. 

Photography by Tre Torres

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