Panic! at the Disco takes vengeance on St. Louis

Panic! at the Disco made a stop in St. Louis on their Viva Las Vengeance tour. A packed Enterprise Center shook with the screams of excited fans as the show got underway.

Kicking off the show was Dallas-based indie band little images, who really caught the crowd off guard with their intense start to the night.

Within minutes of starting their set, they had the whole stadium in an uproar.

Fans were going crazy because of their head banging music and theatrical, energetic performance.

Following little images was Marina Diamandis, formerly Marina and the Diamonds. The Welsh singer songwriter spun across the stage and dazzled the crowd as she serenaded them. A bit of a breather after the explosive start that little images delivered, Marina wowed the crowd in a different way. What struck me the most was that her smile never left her face during the entire duration of her set.

Following Marina was the main event, the pop-punk heavy weight Panic! at the Disco. The band has gone through several changes over the years, but the one constant factor through all of its iterations is lead vocalist, and now the sole writer and instrumentalist, Brendon Urie. It’s clear that he is still the star of the show, despite being joined on stage by a 12 piece band including string, brass, percussion, and guitar sections. The large band lends itself to a larger than life feel to the music, really adding to the grandeur of the show, and complimenting the powerful stage presence of Urie. Using the entire stage, and undergoing multiple outfit changes, Urie’s performance is really what carried the show as they played through the entirety of Panic’s latest album Viva Las Vengeance.

After the new album, they ended the show with a string of fan favorites, including several bangers off of their first two albums.

These were the songs that the older fans had been dying to see.

2022 seems to be the year of the pop-punk revival, and Panic! at the Disco sure is taking advantage of it. For those of us who remember seeing the music videos for “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies” and “Nine in the Afternoon” on MTV (especially those of us who were to young to go to concerts at that time), there sure is something surreal about hearing them played live in front of your very eyes.

The Viva Las Vengeance tour continues through the end of 2022! Catch it if you’re in the mood for a heavy dose of nostalgia and a really fun time!

Photography by Sean Rider

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