Paso Robles gives country star Kolby Cooper a warm welcome

BarrelHouse Brewing Co., renowned for its mantra of “Good People, Good Times, and Great Beer,” culminated its concert season with a stellar performance by the Texas-based headliner, Kolby Cooper, at their amphitheater stage. Nestled in the heart of what Paso Robles locals affectionately call “Tin City,” fans braved a chilly November night in California for an evening of outstanding alternative country music. The event, which also featured the talented Mitchell Ferguson, drew a dedicated crowd of Paso Robles locals eager to experience the burgeoning country artist’s first performance in town.

Despite his young age, Kolby Cooper has already amassed a devoted fan base, and his live shows underscore precisely why.

The concert kicked off with the electrifying hit “Breaking News” and concluded with the crowd-pleaser “2 Words,” along with a medley of his other well-known tracks. Cooper, ever attuned to his audience, introduced a new track, “Running Away,” released that very day, much to the delight of his enthusiastic fans. The band exhibited incredible stage energy, fostering numerous interactions with the audience.

Injecting an extra dose of energy into the night, Cooper brought a fan on stage to challenge his tour photographer to a beer shotgun competition. Though the lucky fan ultimately succumbed, he walked away with some exclusive merchandise and a captivating story to share with his drinking buddies. The audience reveled in the music, singing and dancing the night away, with many fans seizing the opportunity to have their memorabilia signed by Kolby after the show, as he graciously leaped off stage to greet the crowd.

Accompanying Cooper on this musical journey was Mitchell Ferguson, whose invigorating performance, infused with what he dubbed “The Sauce” energy, set the stage for an unforgettable night. While Ferguson’s alternative country sound leaned more towards the alternative side, it contributed to an evening of exceptional music that undoubtedly garnered him a legion of new fans, myself included. These two emerging artists offer a refreshing alternative for those seeking high-quality music not commonly heard on mainstream radio stations. If you’re in the pursuit of musical excellence, Kolby Cooper and Mitchell Ferguson are undeniably worth a listen.

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