Passafire & Bikini Trill at The Observatory, Santa Ana

Duddy B. (of Dirty Heads) once called Bikini Trill “The Scooby-Doo Gang of Musicians”. He further elaborated that they travel around in a van, only to emerge in the most colorful cloud of smoke. If you’ve ever seen Bikini Trill, you know how spot-on he is: their vibrance is evident, not only in color, but in their contagiously high energy level, unique sound, and stellar dance moves. Bikini Trill’s eclectic performance was the perfect dichotomy to the humbling sounds of headliner, Passafire, the night of April 14th at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California.

As a fellow music lover, I implore you to keep an eye on Bikini Trill — you won’t want to miss their upward climb!

Bikini Trill was followed by reggae rock band, Passafire. The band 20 years in the making was formed in Savannah, Georgia, when college classmates Ted Bowne and Nick Kubley combined their respective love for playing guitar and drums. Very few member changes have occurred within Passafire, which is truly impressive given their 20 year run! The four current musicians have held their spot within the band since 2010. And, while each musician has their own associated instrument, one of the most impressive aspects of Passafire is the vast musical genius of each individual member. Watching bass player Will Kubley flawlessly slip off his bass onto keyboardist Mike DeGuzman‘s shoulder is nothing short of jaw-dropping. The four members will switch instruments mid-song and with such grace that it appears as a slight-of-hand trick. 

Bikini Trill and Passafire collectively put on one of the most visually pleasing performances I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. Pairing the surf-pop reggae sound of Bikini Trill and the lyrically beautifully rock-heavy sound of Passafire will make your senses buzzing for days with gratitude from such a powerful exposure!

Photography by Jenna Shaw

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