Paul Cauthen packs two country AF nights into Paso Robles brewery

Barrel House Brewing Company in Paso Robles had the anticipated return of Paul Cauthen for two nights at its amphitheater and Top Shelf Music got to cover the sold-out Night One! That’s right: Paso Robles fans enjoy Paul’s music so much that they demanded a second show at the home of “Good People, Good Times, and Great Beer” Barrel House.

Paul Cauthen is one performer who gets his crowd enjoying the night without missing a beat.

The Texas-native, “Cocaine Country Dancing”, “Country As Fuck” singer has busted into the genre with his distinctive baritone voice, capturing a large fan base within the country community. For this night, Paul Cauthen was showing off his electric dance moves all around the stage, as well as his soulful voice and a great selection of his upbeat songs — even a new, soon-to-be-released track called “Hot Damn”! It is bound to be a hit by the way the crowd reacted to it.

About half way through the set, the band members took a break for Cauthen to sing some acoustic songs, to which the crowd soaked in the intimacy. By the second song, audience members were heard loud singing along. Cauthen’s This Road I’m On Tour has still got plenty of shows on the list for you to get the chance to see the real “Big Velvet” perform live!

Photography by Tre Torres

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