PCH Rage Tour with OTTTO hits intimate Affliction HQ

No better way to end a tour than a Taco Metal Party at Affliction HQ! The PCH Rage Tour included bands Bastardane and OTTTO, who are just on the brink of breaking through. Affliction HQ is Sirius XM’s Jose ‘Metal Ambassador’ Mangin’s home away from home and we were honored to be a part of a more intimate show of about maybe 75 people.

What happens at Affliction HQ stays at Affliction HQ, but we can talk a little about these bands!

Bastardane is made up of the trio Jake Dallas (lead vocals/bass), Ethan Sirotzki (guitar) and Castor Hetfield (drums/backing vocals); having all come from different musical backgrounds, they’ve created a really unique sound mixed with old-school thrash, melodic rock and sludge. It’s hard to pin down their genre, but the genreless types of bands are always my favorite! They just released their debut album Is This Rage? in early March. Each song on the album is really diverse in sound and even has two instrumental songs! They just kicked off leg two of their ‘White Knuckle Tour’ that will go on until July 1st, so if they’re coming to your town, be sure to check them out! 

The ‘loco’ band OTTTO includes Bryan Noah Ferretti (vocals/guitar), Tye Trujillo (bass) and Patrick “Triko” Chavez (drums). We first heard about OTTTO after seeing Tye performing with Suicidal Tendencies at Blue Ridge Rock Fest last year. We loved his energy and talent, so we wanted to see if he had his own band and discovered OTTTO. Based out of Venice Beach, OTTTO has strong roots in thrash, funk and metal. They recently released their single “Skyscraper”, dropping the bass-heavy song while currently working on another album, following their 2020 self-titled record. 

I think it’s amazing that these two bands are out here making their own name for themselves.

We were so impressed with their commitment, drive and integrity. They could take the easier way and ride on coattails to success, but instead, they are moving up in the industry the old-school way. They set up, broke it all down and hung out after the show to meet with fans. Much respect for these guys! Do you have bands that you wish you could have seen when they were playing in more intimate venues? This is it! Go support them when they hit your town!

Photography by Heather Vandemark; Recap by Kaiya Vandemark

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