Pennywise at OC’s Garden Amp: Weekend 2, Day Two

On March 12th, Pennywise had their second show (of their second weekend) at Garden Amp! For this night, the band announced that they were playing their album Full Circle in its entirety. Unlike the nights before, support for this show was Chaser, Authority Zero and Good Riddance. The energy was palpable and you could hear people who had been at the previous shows telling people how amazing the previous nights had been!

Chaser was up first — running, jumping and getting the crowd pumped.

Next to hit the stage was Authority Zero — one of my personal favorite bands to photograph. The crowd was so full of energy and the pits were starting to go round, evident that everyone was having a great time. Good Riddance came next and kept the energy high and the heads banging. Last, the main men of Pennywise hit the stage to close out the night, with the incredible energy that they are known for. The rest of the night was filled with fans singing and pits spinning. I couldn’t believe this was Night Four of five — there was still a night to go!

Photography by Sean McCracken

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