Pitbull unleashes fire on Sac Town

What a fun night at the Hard Rock Casino, located 30 minutes north of Sacramento! 

At the casino, there were so many excited fans to see Pitbull. Some wore ray-ban or aviator sunglasses and others wore a cap on their head that made it look like they’re were bald, like Pitbull. The makeup and outfits were on point. Other fans wore his Can’t Stop Us Now tour shirts from last year. 

Doors opened at 8:00pm. On the left side of the stage, San Francisco 49ers DJ Toney Tone started off the night with remixing hits of Mac Dre, Too Short and Latin music to get the crowd hyped! In the middle of his set, he told the crowd, “Make some noise if you from the Bay Area!” The crowd danced and cheered as he played hit after. He represented well, wearing a red 49er hat behind his DJ set. 

The stage was an interesting setup with a smaller stage on the main stage. It consists of a drum set on the left and right side of the stage. On the left, was another DJ set and the right was an electric keyboard. In front of the small stage were stairs, so Pitbull and his dancers can walk back and forth from one stage to the other. There was a large screen behind the stage that changed all the time, but we’ll get back to that. 

At 9:00pm, the lights turned off and the fans screamed as Pitbull’s band walked on stage to their instruments. The lights aimed at the middle of the stage and Pitbull’s dancers slowly walked out, followed by Pitbull himself. Wearing all black with a leather jacket and sunglasses, Pitbull looked as fresh as ever. He started the show with “Don’t Stop the Party” from his Global Warning Meltdown album. He continued to sing hit after hit including “Hey Baby,” “Hotel Room Services” and “International Love.” 

This wasn’t just a concert, this was a performance!

The stage lights would change colors based on the vibe of the songs. The dancers left the stage at least 5 times and came back in different outfits. The screen behind the stage would either change colors or play the music video of the song Pitbull was singing. There were two different drummers, a keyboardist, a guitarist, and DJ IamChino. The best shows are when everyone is involved and in sync and this was definitely one of them. 

Three times during Pitbull’s set, he would leave the stage for a few minutes as DJ IamChino would do his thang and remix 80s and 90s hip hop and pop hits to get the crowd to continue dancing and have fun. 

Throughout Pitbull’s set, he would speak to the crowd and get them involved. “Everyone, I want to do Spanish 101 with y’all. When I say Sigamos, you say Si! When I say Paramos, you say no!” he said. The crowd followed along and responded with “Si and No.” Before he sang “The Roof is On Fire” he told the crowd, “There’s about 5,000 people here! Let’s make it sound like there’s 500,000!”

Before his final song of the night, Pitbull said, “It’s 2023, I want to make a toast, let’s not waste our time tonight, let’s have the time of our lives!” The crowd cheered as fan favorite “Time of Our Lives” started. Everyone put there hands up and jumped during the chorus of the song. 

At the end of the show, Pitbull said, “Sactown and the Bay Area have always showed me love for many years. I want to say thank you to everyone here and partying with us tonight!” The crowd clapped and cheered as Pitbull showed his appreciation to the crowd by taking off his sunglasses, smiling, and waving to the crowd.

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