Reggae in the Rockies: Day One

After nearly a year of no live music, Dave Walters brought the Rockies an epic two-day intimate, family-friendly live roots reggae music fest, bringing in eager-to-play bands from all across the country. Reggae in the Rockies was hosted at Melvin Brewing’s “Mothership” Taproom in beautiful Alpine, Wyoming on June 5-6th from 12pm-8pm.

With the taproom open at 11am, excited concertgoers got the beautiful and warm sunny day started with some fresh, cold, locally-brewed beer to cool down, while enjoying some super tasty comfort food from the brewery. 

The stage was set in front of such a picturesque landscape of mountains, greenery and wildflowers… and the lineup was not one to miss! Headliners Fortunate Youth were supported by The Elovaters, KBong, Indubious, The Expanders, Sensi Trails, Chanman Roots Band and special guests Aaron Wolf, Brett Wilson (of Roots of Creation) and Caries… for two full days! With COVID restrictions finally loosening, the sold-out weekend got friends and families traveling from near and far for one of the Rockies’ biggest reggae shows! Kids ran and skipped through the luscious flower fields to the nearby crystal blue lake; friends cheered and danced all day, some laying back and relaxing on the grassy lawn watching the blissful, serene countryside.

It was a festival to remember, especially in such a beautiful environment. You don’t commonly think of a ‘reggae’ fest happening in Idaho or Wyoming, but they sure made it work! Check out for their next event on July 31st! It’s definitely an experience you want to put on your bucket list if you’re a reggae lover!

Photography by Olivia Valdes

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