Rob Zombie ignites Irvine, California with Freaks on Parade

Rob Zombie finally brought his Freaks on Parade Tour to SoCal, featuring an all-star lineup of supporting acts — Powerman5000, Static-X and Mudvanye. Kicking off the first of the southern California dates in Irvine at the Five Point Amphitheatre, Rob Zombie started his set with a few seconds of “California Love” by 2Pac before leading into “The Triumph of King Freak” off his 2021 release album, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy.

As the red and green lighting kept flashing, Zombie and band went into a fan-favorite “Superbeast”.

Rob Zombie showcased exactly how to put on a show, with nonstop head-banging and high-energy action. It also helps that he has the best at their musical craft for a the band. The ever-so-amazing John 5 is on guitar; I was happy to see he has his own (well-deserved) solos during the tour. Ginger Fish is on drums, which is beautiful to see John 5 and Ginger onstage together. And, of course, Piggy D is on bass, who displayed his showmanship in an amazing sparkling suit. It makes sense, given the fact that he has been with Rob Zombie since 2006. Truly a ‘supergroup’, it was wonderful seeing them all onstage together. The performance concluded with a trailer for Rob Zombie’s latest movie, The Munsters (set to release September 27th), followed by one of his greatest hits, “Dragula”.

Photography by Omar Solis

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