Sierra Ferrell serenades a sold-out country crowd in Monterey

Hailing from West Virginia, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sierra Ferrell brought her unique blend of country bluegrass and amazing stage presence to the historic Golden State Theatre in Monterey, California. Sierra’s Shoot For The Moon Tour promotes her upcoming album Trail Of Flowers, with the sold-out crowd getting a taste on March 7th.

Ferrell treated fans to a few new tracks, along with a little backstory to them.

“Fox Hunt” is a new track off the album and to hear it live was special; the upbeat tune had the whole theater stomping their feet and singing along to every word — even though it was brand new! Sierra’s voice is so captivating, her stories between songs were just as engaging. Every song had a story to tell. With the stage simply set with just some flowers around and a banner in the background, your focus is completely set on the band and Ferrell’s performance, allowing audience members to take the show in wholeheartedly, without flashing lights and smoke show. Make sure to mark your calendars for the forthcoming album, for she proved in her performance just how good it’s going to be.

Photography by Tre Torres

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